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Launch Financial Planning is proud to be a Fee-Only financial advisor.

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Here’s How We Are Different

As a Fee-Only firm, we provide our clients with an important assurance that we will act in their best interests and provide holistic financial planning and advising. 

Most financial advisors are compensated partly or entirely through sales commissions paid to them by mutual fund companies, insurance manufacturers, and other product providers. What’s more, they are legally allowed to consider their own potential compensation when recommending a product. This creates the ongoing potential for conflict of interest, in which an advisor may be tempted to favor his/her own interests above those of the client’s.

We are compensated through pre-agreed fees, paid only by our client, that are never impacted by the recommendations we provide. This enables us to provide purely objective advice and guidance. 

Fee-only advisors comprise a small minority of advisors. We are not to be confused with fee-based advisors, who may be compensated through fees as well as sales commissions. Please reach out with any questions about this important difference.