Jasmine Gautam

Launch FP Jasmine Gautman


JASMINE GAUTAM: As Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer, Jasmine is the primary point of contact for all clients. She ensures that client needs are carefully and thoughtfully heard and responsively and accurately attended to on a daily basis.

Jasmine leads the selection, implementation, and optimization of our multiple systems and tools to keep the business running efficiently. She generates client quarterly reports and maintains compliance with all regulations.

Before co-founding Launch, Jasmine spent eight years as Operations Director for a Boston area financial planning firm and she has more than 15 years of prior experience in foreign financial markets where she traded stocks, researched investments, and developed portfolios.

Originally from Mumbai, Jasmine currently resides in Andover, MA.



Launch FP Team Your Goals

True financial planning encompasses your entire financial life, from cash flow, college and retirement planning to risk and tax mitigation, to philanthropy and estate planning. 

We begin by understanding your goals.

We will proactively look at your entire financial picture, create a personalized, holistic plan and educate you throughout the process.


Launch FP Team Our Objectives

As a fiduciary firm, we bring the highest level of objectivity and transparency to families, businesses, and organizations – at all times. 

We will always either completely avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest and do what is best for the client. 

Notably, the majority of financial advisors are not legally held to this standard, and they face potential conflicts of interest that can position their interests against those of their clients. 

Launch is among the minority – a true fiduciary, legally bound to put our clients’ interests first at all times. You can rely on that.